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Rosalie is  lucky to have grown up in the vibrant theatrical and artistic community of Ashland, Oregon. Her life in Ashland was spent learning music and watching a lot of live theatre. During these years she began to discover the power of stories, and eventually decided to try her hand at it. Rosalie studied with actors from the Oregon Shakespeare Festival learning mask work, Suzuki actor training, Shakespeare scene study, and more. She  was accepted into the Oregon Shakespeare Festival Summer Seminar for Juniors in High School, along with 63 other students from around the world. The theatre training she received emphasized a collaborative and strong ensemble based process. Something to which she still adheres.

Rosalie went on to study theatre at Illinois Wesleyan University, where she received the alumni talent scholarship from Bill Damaschke (Creative Executive, Dreamworks). She trained in voice/dialect, movement, Shakespeare, music, dance, directing, and philosophy (to mix things up a bit). Her sophomore year she was accepted into the sketch comedy troupe, Quickies!. There she discovered a deep passion and reverence for comedy--both acting in the shows and writing for them, eventually becoming troupe leader.

After graduating (magna cum laude), Rosalie moved to Los Angeles where she continues to act in film, television, and theatre. She has also continued to write sketch comedy, and has recently finished writing her second feature and her first short film. She recently filmed her short film The Hostess which she produced, directed, wrote, and acted in. So far in 2020 The Hostess has been officially selected for several film festivals and won awards for Best Women Short and Best Acting Duo. 


When she's not working you can find her studying improv at The Groundlings School, or at Aerial Physique where she pursues another passion, hanging from the ceiling on pretty fabrics.

Review: The Oresteia, at Zombie Joe's Underground Theatre

"Adapted and directed by Cyle Conley (from the original scribes of the ancient Aeschylus) and produced by Zombie Joe, this is an immense story that was cleverly brought down to about an hour where by Greek Mythology comes together with this simple but poignant theatrical experience. You know the names – you’ve heard of the Gods….

Rosalie Alspach plays - Chorus (or narrator as I would refer to her) and gives the impossible dialogue a nature and real cadence and tone. Her empathetic observations were spoken smartly and her tone intelligent and informative in its delivery. As Athena, (the goddess of wisdom, courage, inspiration, civilization, law and justice, mathematics, strength, war strategy, the arts, crafts, and skill) Rosalie was more regal and serious but with a wealth of passion and knowledge that allows the Furies to see her control and command."


-Lorenzo Marchessi (The Geek Authority) "Theatre Review #306-The Oresteia

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