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ROSALIE is a Los Angeles based writer and director. Growing up in Ashland, OR and seeing a lot of theatre at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, she always had strong ideas of how stories should be told, so writing and directing seemed inevitable. As an actor, she loves working on scripts with powerful messages infused with humor and with strong directors with clear visions; she is dedicated to creating such work and to being a director that she, as an actor, would want to work with.

In school she began writing for experimental performance projects and sketch comedy shows, directing her own sketches, and performing in others. Although she was first challenged to direct in high school by the theatre director, it was at Illinois Wesleyan University where her interest and attraction grew. After moving to Los Angeles she transitioned to screenwriting and directing. 

Her first project to come to fruition was a proof of concept for her feature, Approaching Alice  (pre-production). Her first short film, The Hostess, which she wrote, directed, co-produced, and acted in, is currently in the film festival circuit.

More details about The Hostess can be viewed below:

Please contact Rosalie for directing samples:

Check out Rosalie's interview with We Are Moving Stories:



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